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Easter Campaign Request

Easter is one of the biggest opportunities to reach new people in your community with the good news of the gospel!

Registration Process

This year, we’re unveiling a new Easter Sunday Campaign request process that provides an easy and streamlined way to sign-up for your Easter outreach campaign.

Getting the most out of your Easter campaign takes only 5 minutes! Watch this short video to understand the process.

Step 1: Website Pop-up

We recommend adding a pop-up to your homepage with information about your Easter Sunday service. With a pop-up, a visitor gets a warm invitation to Easter Sunday when they land on your site. Then they can take look at the rest of your visitor website to get more information about your church.

We advise selecting from one of the following three pop-up design options shown below. Additionally, we provide the ability to upload your own custom image during the registration process. Custom image dimensions must be 1,000 x 600 px, with no text below the vertical midpoint of the image.

Option "A"

Option "B"

Option "C"

Step 2: Complete Registration Form

In order to run an Easter campaign, you’ll need to complete the Easter registration form by Monday, March 4. After form submission, you will receive an email confirmation that your campaign is in the queue to be built. 

Important Note: In the Lord’s kindness, Digital Outreach is serving more and more churches, which means additional campaign management opportunities. Building and managing effective event campaigns is an increasingly time consuming endeavor, and in order for us to continue delivering high quality campaigns in a timely manner, there will be a $50 charge to run an event-specific campaign (Easter, Christmas, etc). You have the option to keep your monthly costs flat, or you can increase your ad spend for the Easter outreach. If you elect to keep your costs flat, we will take your monthly ad budget (e.g. $300), subtract $50 for the Easter campaign, and the remainder of your budget will go towards Easter ad spend.

We are striving to keep costs down while delivering on a commitment to excellent service and quality deliverables.

Step 3: Receive Confirmation Email

Finally, you’ll receive an email communication when your campaign launches. We’ll take care of the rest. You’ve got one less thing to worry about as you help prepare your congregation to enjoy resurrection Sunday!

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