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Our affordable pricing, great service, and excellent reputation
make Digital Outreach the best choice for churches.

No large upfront costs. No long-term contracts.

$295 / month

+ Monthly Ad Expenditure

Digital Outreach includes everything you need to have a powerful online presence and outreach in your local community. Exponential reach, high-quality web design, dynamic features, strong search engine optimization, highly secured hosting environments, and responsive support. All at affordable pricing.


You can now unveil a clean, well-designed, church website that presents the optimal front door to potential visitors.


Reach members of your community around the clock via search engine and social media advertising campaigns.


Make a personal video connection with your community using a 45-second interactive clip on your homepage.


Visitor websites are optimized for search engines which helps you reduce advertising costs and get found.


We manage your visitor website for you. Need a change? Just send over your request. It’s easy and hands off. 


Digital Outreach has a multi-layer security approach built in to all of our websites at no additional cost to you.


We send you quarterly reports on your online advertising campaigns so you know how many people you’re reaching.


We provide hands-on consulting to help you build a church hub. Note: the hub is provided by a third party provider and is an additional cost. See below. 

Additional Costs


We provide consulting services and a framework to make the creation of your church hub easy. The cost to add a church hub varies depending on the third-party service provider you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though we’re sensitive when talking about cost-benefit and return on investment (ROI), this is an important topic to consider carefully. Most church websites are an expense.  They don’t generate revenue.  The benefit of a partnership with Digital Outreach is that, for most churches, it’s an investment that ultimately pays for itself and more. Though giving amounts vary based upon a variety of factors, the addition of just a small number of new tithing families typically covers the ongoing cost of our service. Over time as more people visit and ultimately join your church, the investment yields more funds available for you to allocate into different areas of your church.

We want to state clearly that generating additional giving dollars is not the main point.  It’s helping people find gospel preaching churches.  But we also understand the financial realities.

Not at all! We understand that a church requires flexibility, especially when it comes to budget. There are absolutely no setup fees, and no long-term contracts, as we strive to make pricing simple and to earn your business every single month. When you win, we win!

It’s flexible. You can decide each month how much you’d like to spend on advertising. Most churches spend between $300-$600 per month. Any ad spend will be in addition to the $295 a month price for our service fee.

If you have more questions around pricing, we would be happy to answer them. Head on over to our contact page.


Trusted by Churches of All Sizes Around the Globe

Our church clients are passionate about the gospel and so are we. We are eager to partner with churches who want to spread the good news to all, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

No Setup Fees. No Long-Term Contracts.

We earn your business every month

We’ve been helping churches create strategic, visitor-centric, mobile-friendly websites for years. Combined with powerful built-in search optimization, and a digital outreach methodology that drives action, you can offer an online experience that draws members from your local community through your doors.

As a result, our retention is incredibly high, meaning that we don’t need to have the safety net of setup fees and long-term contracts. We win only when you see results. Just like it should be.

Digital Outreach, LLC founders
Luke Menser (right) and Matt Engler (left)