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Reach Thousands in Your Community

Analytics-driven church advertising campaigns on Google and social media platforms draw more visitors through your church’s doors.

Drawing Visitors Through Your Doors is as Difficult as It Has Ever Been

Digital Outreach gives you the strategy and the toolset needed to effectively reach families in your local community, bringing the hope of the Gospel and inviting them to your church on a Sunday. Our church advertising service is ideal for churches who find themselves in the following categories....

You're looking for a cost-effective way of reaching your community.

Your church can't easily be discovered on search engines.

You know there are people searching in the community, but you don't know how to reach them.


Core Features

All of our plans include the development and management of your church's search engine and social media digital advertising campaigns.


We develop and run Google Ads campaigns so that your church is at the top of Google when people in your community are searching.


We provide engaging social media campaigns to promote your Sunday services or evangelistic courses.


Hosting an event and looking to invite the community? Social media advertising can target specific groups of people and provide a personal invitation.


All search engine and social media campaigns are built starting with our database of millions of data points from other campaigns we’ve run.


We build multiple ad variations and use AI tools to test and improve the ads for maximum reach and effectiveness.


More guests often leads to more tithing members which allows you to grow your church without breaking the bank.

How Does Your Community Find You?

Limited resources, and shoestring budgets make it hard for churches to rank on Google, and reach people on social media. Digital Outreach provides a new way.





Potential visitor searches on Google for “church near me” and your church is nowhere to be found. They never find your church.

Now your church has an informative, friendly, welcoming ad on page 1 of Google. Now the visitor has found your church and can learn more.

A volunteer in your church manages your social media accounts. Posts are infrequent, quality is fair, and few people outside the church see them.

Social media awareness ad campaigns reach thousands of new people, are professionally designed, and invite your community to join you on Sunday.

Your church has great, community friendly events, but you struggle to get the word out and attendance is regularly lower than you’d hope.

Now those great events are reaching your neighbors through social media event campaigns and helping to draw new people from the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The founders of Digital Outreach, LLC have over 25 years of experience designing and executing digital advertising campaigns at Fortune 500 companies. The tactics employed to help your church reach your local community come from years of helping to market major brands and drive sales growth in the private sector. Additionally, Digital Outreach, LLC is a recognized Google Partner, as our account strategists are certified in Google Ads products, and have demonstrated consistent campaign success according to Google’s standards.

Any event that your church is hosting that is welcoming to visitors can be promoted.  Here are some examples:

  • Christmas events & services
  • Easter events & services
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Invitation to sermon series
  • Marriage or parenting seminar
  • Youth Group event
  • Men’s or women’s Bible studies
  • Financial Peace University course
Paid search advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, involves placing ads on search engine results pages such as Google that are triggered by specific keywords. These ads appear at the top of the search engine results page and are labeled as “sponsored.” Social advertising involves placing ads on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, that are targeted to specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. The main difference between the two is where the ads are placed, with paid search ads appearing on search engine results pages and social ads appearing on social media platforms.
This is a great question. While our experience has given us good instincts as to what might work best for a particular church, our entire digital advertising tactics are data-driven. We measure a variety of different key performance indicators not only of the ads themselves, but also how users of your landing page or website are interacting with your content. From there, we’re able to effectively optimize your campaigns and utilize the right advertising channel or combination of channels to drive the most visitors through your doors.

Yes! We’re passionate about helping your individual ministries connect to the local community, as they can be a great way for people to get connected to your church. For larger ministries, we highly recommend the development of specific landing pages for each ministry promotion to complement your advertising efforts. Please contact Digital Outreach for our rate on an additional landing page build.

If you have more questions specifically regarding our church advertising services, we would be happy to answer them. Head on over to our contact page.

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